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Before posting or making a request (for Confeds, NAPs or Memberships), do read the forum rules.All posts/requests overruling the forum rules, are subject to be deleted/refused without prior notice.


 filly application

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PostSubject: filly application   filly application I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 7:21 pm

1) I read and understand and approve the first 4 rules of this forum. I have read the rules for Membership Requests of OAR

2) filly

3) #1342

4) Massapequa (167, -145) 512 #1919
Tamaqua (164, -146) 285 #8069
Susquehanna (162, -145) 90 #15936

5) http://travmap.shishnet.org/map.php?lang=en&server=s5.travian.com&alliance=OAR&player=filly&groupby=player&casen=on&format=png&

6) I have leg, prat, imp, EL, EI ability to research rams and closing in on cats
current ratio to population is 1.4 to 1, but now that my croppers are established, it's
growing fast; my goal is 3:1

7) Game style is balanced
I cycle through 40-50 farms (mostly inactives) for about 50,000 resource per week but I play
non-agressively (never provoke the big dogs)
Once I have cats I WILL clear my 13x13 of all semi-active non-farmable villages

Cool Been through G-XIII but there is no organization
Been through ED-G as well. I see you have agreements with them but they were not really
organized either.
Been through 58th - SE but they were way too small.
You may think me disloyal, but having an alliance tag at this point in the game actually
makes a player MORE of a target for alliances like PANTHEON unless the alliance coordinates
their defense well.

9) see 8

10) If this forum is any indication, OAR seems well organized and able to coordinate offensives
and reinforcements.

11) I bring an active, team approach. I have an offensive cropper with EIs and Imps I'd be
willing to contribute, and a defensive village with Prats, though they are slow and not so
great for most reins.

12) I live in Taipei, have no sitter, and would be open to dualling / having an active sitter
in the alliance.

13) I have been trying to avoid major battles.
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filly application
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