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Before posting or making a request (for Confeds, NAPs or Memberships), do read the forum rules.All posts/requests overruling the forum rules, are subject to be deleted/refused without prior notice.


 mushroom0808 - Membership request

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PostSubject: mushroom0808 - Membership request   mushroom0808 - Membership request I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2009 12:32 am

1) Rules :
You must have read the rules before post your candidature.
You will find in the rules a precise sentence put it here.
i) The Forum rules are here : http://ofarevolution.forumotion.com/forum-rules-f1/forum-rules-t2.htm
ii) The Membership Rules are here: http://ofarevolution.forumotion.com/oar-membership-requests-f5/rules-membership-request-t4.htm (The first post only)

---I read and understood and approve the first 4 rules of this forum”
---"I have read the Rules for Membership Requests of OAR"

2) Player Name:

3) Ranking:

4) Villages Description:
"mushroom,66|-67, 312, building the second settlers for the next village (currently have only one village)

5) Map Location:

6) Troops Description:
very sorry for this... currently i just can build Legionnaire and Praetorian.. but now im upgrading my academy and stable.. after my second village is out.. im going to rush for Equites Imperatoris.. and start to farm others ..

7) Playing Game Style:
im playing roman.. due to more expensive but stronger troops.. im playing defensive now.. and pumping resources and rush village.. im going to attack to the max when my resource is regenerating fast..

8 ) Current Alliance:

9) Reasons to leave the Current Alliance:
i got a fren in EG-OAR.. he invited me to join his alliance.. and beside .. i notice a lot of members surrounding my location.. it would be wise to join the alliance and fight together.. i found this alliance is more active compare to my current one according to my fren..

10) Reasons to join us:
opss.. i think the question 9 has answered this question..

11) What you will bring to us:
active in game(for sure), active in forums ( no problems). i have a fren where he just won the server 8... he can taught me well bout the strategy of playing .. i will always help alliance to attack .. cos my aim is to be the attacker of the week..

12) Extra Info:
this is the second server i played.. early game experience i should be having a bit... my fren will always guide me to play the game..

13) What battles (offensive and/or defensive) have you been involved with in the last 2 weeks :
Attacker mushroom0808 from the village MusHRooM

Troops 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Casualties 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bounty 51 | 54 | 61 | 84

recently i just farm some of the inactive player nearby by sending some legionaire... big troops are yet to come out.. but is coming soon.. aiming for the Equites Imperatoris..
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mushroom0808 - Membership request
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