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 piizTH application for EG-OAR1

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PostSubject: piizTH application for EG-OAR1   Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:44 pm

1) Rules :i accepted forum and membership rules
2) Player Name:"piizTH"
3) Ranking:"4094"
4) Villages Description:"cry-in, (85,-55), 193, 4110"
5) Map Location:http://travmap.shishnet.org/map.php?lang=en&server=s5.travian.com&player=piizTH&town=cry-in&groupby=player&casen=on&format=png&
6) Troops Description:"now upgrade resource only will have troop in 2 days"
7) Playing Game Style:"wait sitution if have war as my pop not so much i will build phalanx & druid rider to help guild but if not have war i will build atk troop to farm"
8 ) Current Alliance:"G-IV(just quit this alliance)"
9) Reasons to leave the Current Alliance:"the leader not have time to manage his alliance "
10) Reasons to join us:"i looking for a strong alliance for play to the end of game , i find team player to play with them"
11) What you will bring to us:"power&strong that i can atk reinforce for you""help resource fake any help that i can make for you i will do as i can"
12) Extra Info:"i have experince about 4 years & friend to join or co-operative with me"
13) What battles (offensive and/or defensive) have you been involved with in the last 2 weeks : "no"
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piizTH application for EG-OAR1
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