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Before posting or making a request (for Confeds, NAPs or Memberships), do read the forum rules.All posts/requests overruling the forum rules, are subject to be deleted/refused without prior notice.

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 chandan nasta

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PostSubject: chandan nasta   Sat Oct 24, 2009 2:00 am

1) Rules :
i) The Forum rules are here : “I read and understood and approve the first 4 rules of this forum
ii) The Membership Rules are here: "I have read the Rules for Membership Requests of OAR

2) Player Name: Chandan Nasta

3) Ranking: 2932

4) Villages Description: Chandan Nasta, 26/-113, 2934

5) Map Location:

6) Troops Description:
Gauls: Phalanx and TTs as of now later haeudans soon will come in

7) Playing Game Style:
Yes I m a offensive player and can help the entire alliance group and my group members and also our wing members belonging to EG-OAR

8 ) Current Alliance:
I was in T|STL, I left bcoz of change of the wing name as being an assistant leader I was not informed about it and if each and every person makes changes on their own without consulting any 1 then it becomes a problem. So after talking to Augustus I came to know that he is his trusted member so it was all sorted out. Now then I went on a round to see our wing in which I am currently SEDS-SW to see how it is working.

9) Reasons to leave the Current Alliance:
Reasons bcoz the group is not so well organized and every 1 makes its own decisions. Even after telling 10 times the embassy is not being upgraded faster, no 1 seems to care about it. Being an assistant leader I have to tell again and again to send the resources. No 1 is taking the initiative except the leader augustus only when he is free. To make any changes in the name or anything else every leadership member does that on their own individually but for this thing they do not come fwd to ask 2 any 1. I don think that this group will go FWD in the long run as for an alliance group to make it run for 13 months need it to be well organized and decisions need to be done properly by consulting each and every 1 in leadership. Not just alone. Members are also getting attacked by guild and Keepers all the time in T|STL and first dad told that I m in talks with guild and we are going to be their wing if the talks are confirmed. But now that your reply has came to them of being a wing they are now fine with it. Just one thing the leadership should be chosen well. Don underestimate any 1. I have been in leadership from past 4 yrs and have gone through many such things and have seen many battles more then they have done.

10) Reasons to join us:
I think that your group is well organized and knows how to make proper decisions at what time and when exactly which helps us in the long run.

11) What you will bring to us:
Whatever I do will not be for myself own. I just know one thing its me that I should bring the alliance group up and it should not be the group to bring me up means that I should do such things where it could increase the rank of the group and not decrease. Note: Remember...a village can change direction at any given time, be it military, be it economic, or even allegiance. But if no one is there to direct the village...

12) Extra Info:I work for Microsoft Games and my friends who are software engineers make add ons for travian game of all servers.

13) What battles (offensive and/or defensive) have you been involved with in the last 2 weeks :
I have been in offensive and attack most of the members near my village or 2-3 hrs away from my village. U can say 1 man army alone.

Also wanted to inform you that I have been in leadership position in s8, s6, s9, and previous s7 & speed. So most of the people know me very well and some of my friends from s6 and s9 are there along with me in T|STL group and 2-3 members also exist in your group but we do not name them as we all work in the same office.
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chandan nasta
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