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Before posting or making a request (for Confeds, NAPs or Memberships), do read the forum rules.All posts/requests overruling the forum rules, are subject to be deleted/refused without prior notice.

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PostSubject: MarcoM (ACCEPTED - EG-OAR)   Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:06 pm

i)I have read and understood and approved the first 4 rules of this forum
ii)I have read the Rules for Membership Requests of OAR

1: Nickname on s5:

2: Current Rank:
My current rank is 882

3: My Village info:
(2,-42) named "Marcos village". 188 pop. at the moment.

4: Map, external link:

5: what kind of troops are you able to create at the moment:
I can make clubs, spears, scouts and are able to research axes. I am in posotion of, about 50 men at the moment, including 1 spear hero.

6: Playing style:
At the moment i am most offensive, as I'm trying to rob ressources so i can grow faster. But in a couple of weeks I am going to make a defensive army to, so i can protect myself and my ally.

7: Current ally:
I've been in SEDS. But as it closed down I am now without an ally.

8: Old ally:

9: Why do you want to join OAR:
It looks like a serious ally, that have the potential to reach the endgame, and I want to be a part of that.

10: What can you give to OAR:
I am always helpfull to my allies, both in troops and ressources, i can also communicate well in english, and I'm also good to be updated on the forum, and enter the discussions.
And I'm also able to be online alot of hours, as I'm still going in school, so i can always react quickly.

11: Attacks last 2 weeks:
I've farmed alot of players, and thats what I'm doing at the moment. I've only been attacked 2 times since the start, so I am no farm.

Write IGM to me Smile

Looking forward to hear the answer!
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PostSubject: Re: MarcoM (ACCEPTED - EG-OAR)   Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:42 am

Hi MarcoM,

Your application has been granted.
And I hope you adhere as is mentioned in the rules..
We would be very strict in every prospect..

IGM me once you get in.
After which, you'll have access to the S5 Member's dedicated forum for alliance discussions.
"OAR Alliances"
Go through the topics in that forum.

Feel free to ask us any queries..

Cheers for Beers, "Burp, Burp"

Skype: nevoncloud
New S5 .com: NevonCloud03
Old S5 .com: amrita_13 (dual with amrita)
S7 .com: nevoncloud13
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