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Before posting or making a request (for Confeds, NAPs or Memberships), do read the forum rules.All posts/requests overruling the forum rules, are subject to be deleted/refused without prior notice.

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 yrualive (Player Update Required)

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PostSubject: yrualive (Player Update Required)   Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:40 pm

I read and understood and approve the first 4 rules of this forum

I have read the Rules for Membership Requests of OAR

2) Player Name:

3) Ranking:

4) Villages Description:
"put the name, coordinates, population, ranking of each village"
Da Krib, (55,-58), 105, 5520

5) Map Location:

6) Troops Description:
Phalanx, trapper

7) Playing Game Style:
right now, I'm defensive, and I will help alliance any way I can

8 ) Current Alliance:

9) Reasons to leave the Current Alliance:

10) Reasons to join us:
I just startes S5, and I didn't want to start in a crap alliance. So far, this is the most organized alliance I've seen ever. I've been playing travian for a few months, but every alliance I've joined has been a dudd. I've helped others, but rec'd no help myself. I'm hoping this time will be different.

11) What you will bring to us:
I'm on Travian everyday. Sometimes i might take a break on weekends, but that's about it. I'm hoping to build the resources of my city and be a supplier to anyone in the alliance. I'm also generally helpful, and always have been.

12) Extra Info:
I'm just hoping that my application is accepted, and this alliance is as good as it looks.

13) What battles (offensive and/or defensive) have you been involved with in the last 2 weeks :
Well, there's this guy named legentkiller, and he's kind of a bully. He attacks me everyday, so i just built up my cranny so he can't get my resources. His alliance is 'Keepers'.
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PostSubject: Re: yrualive (Player Update Required)   Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:05 am

Did you loose any resources or army in any attacks you received?

do you have good number of def army yet?
please do not mention the troop numbers only yes or no here.

Cheers for Beers, "Burp, Burp"

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yrualive (Player Update Required)
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